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Key benefits for club members

Discount on Rates
The business club receives a flat rate of $110/hr (ex) for all standard onsite server and PC support with a 40% discount to callout charges. SMBCS Business Club Membership is an effective way to budget for your IT expenditure and offering a greater return from your computer infastructure by being pro-active and reducing the risk of system failure.

No Fuss Maintenance
SMB Computer Solutions builds a case history of your system information and past support issues, using this information to give you the highest quality service on every visit. Dedicated technicians are assigned to specific sites to offer the best support to our valued business club members.

If you are interested in finding out more about SMB Computer Solutions Business Club, please fill out the expression of interest form on the right and we'll contact you regarding our range of availble SMBCS Business Club membership packages.

*10% Discount on rates. Offer excludes cost of hardware, software and other expenses. Read our Terms and Conditions.

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