Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation is a process of improving a websites ability to rank higher in Google and other search engines. To sign up now click here.

SMB Computer Solutions will conduct the following processes to optimise your website:

1. Build a website map for search engines to read prior to scanning the website
2. Developing a configuration file to tell search engines exactly what pages to catalog.
3. Analyse key phases from the site content and check popularity with search engine statistics
4. Develop and customise HTML tags to tell search engine crawlers exactly what sort of information the website contains
5. Ensure all links are functional within the website and that page content is consistent with tags

SMB Computer Solutions website optimisation prices starts from $440


Premium Google Advertising

Premium online advertising using Google Adwords is an online text advertisement that appears as part of Google's search results. By using Adwords you can guarantee a first page search result by bidding against competitors for a higher rank in your local area or worldwide. To register your interest click here.

Google Adword has many advantages for advertisers and offers a far greater return on investment than other forms of advertising such as direct mail, the yellow pages, TV and newspapers.

With Google's sponsored links you can choose the location your sponsored links will show e.g. Australia, Sydney, Victoria, and the ads will only show in these locations. Adword sponsored links will appear alongside Google search results in any country or town you select.

Google will rank and determine the distribution of an ad based on 4 major factors

1. The Ad Quality,
2. The Click Though Rate
3. CPC (cost per click)
4. Landing page.

The adwords account will be closely monitored by one of our client managers, who will perform customisations to streamline the advertising within your daily budget.

Having a good daily budget with a realistic account structure will generally give 90% plus ad delivery; however because of how the Google system works we can't guarantee your ads will appear 100% of the time.

Setup Cost               = $450
Management Cost =
$295 /month
                                    = $1700 /6 months
                                    = $3000 /annually
Adword Clicks        = customer set budget per day
(ie: $25/day)