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Company websitE REDESIGN
Website for company specialising in the manufacture of custom precision components for the medical, defence and automotive markets.
Website contains company and product information. Website contains an interactive product viewer and online quote form.

Orient resources

Company websitE REDESIGN
This website was redesigned to reflect the company's Chinese partnership and upgraded professional look.
Oceanic and clean colours and layout elements were generated to create an environmentally aware style for this
simple website.

Advanced Modular Railings

Company website Design
Clean and website focusing on range of products including handrails, gates and fencing solutions.
The use of photoshop retouching on the product and location photography gives this website a polished, modern feel.
Also contains Flash Product Viewer.

Advancing Food Safety

Company Website Redesign
The brief for this large scale website was to transform the existing style which had a very dated look into a sleek, modern clean look.
Careful planning and restructuring of this website ensured far easier and intuative navigation.

Quinny's Plumbing

Website Creation
This Plumbing business website is both friendly and accessable, combining concise information with plenty of visual aids and strong branding.
Site contains Flash slideshow animation and online quote form.

Bateman's Bay Florists

Website Creation
Award winning floral designer and weddingspecialist; Lee Farrant is a renownd and highly sought after creative professional.
Website contains extensive information on Lee's specialist services, including details of her beautiful floral studio and nursery.
The testimonials on this website
speak volumes about Lee's dedication and passion for her craft.